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For the next 30 days in addition to getting access to Sidekick, you will also receive $5 in DYM store credit, 35% off store-wide prices and much more. 

You should receive a couple emails from DYM, one with your temporary password if you don’t already have an account, and another welcoming you to the Gold Membership.

You will use your DYM account to login to Sidekick and get started.

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This Mac/PC presentation app allows you to create interactive elements for your weekly programs in minutes!  It comes pre-filled with a 45-file library, so you have several games, mixers, and other programming elements ready for tonight!

Download Sidekick and use your DYM account to login and take it for a spin!

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We can’t wait for you to experience life as a DYM Gold Member. It’s a proven fact that DYM Gold Members run faster, jump higher, catch bigger fish, and tell better jokes… we know you’re gonna love it.